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Renewed Workshop: Build Stunning PowerPoint Templates & Graphics That Work! 

March 22, 2024
8 am PT • 12 pm EDT
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Training Magazine is partnering with Mike to bring his new workshop Build Stunning PowerPoint Templates & Graphics That Work! to their MemershipPLUS members.

This event is available to MembershipPLUS members and grants exclusive access to Mike’s live workshop, the resulting recording, and a valuable resources package including Build-A-Graphic discounts. You’ll receive all 20+ additional benefits included with MembershipPLUS.

Why should you attend? 

  • Be creatively inspired
  • Discover fresh, new graphics
  • Easily turn words into visuals
  • Chunk your text with one click
  • Export graphics into ANY software (e.g., Google Slides; Adobe Suite; Microsoft Word)
  • It’s a “visual learning system” (You organically become a better visual communicator the more you use it)
  • A $595 value, free with MembershipPLUS in Training Magazine Network

Upon completing this workshop you’ll be able to confidently create, use, and apply:

  • Stunning, on-brand PowerPoint templates
  • AI and other generative tools to speed design
  • Master Slides, Layouts, and Themes for consistency
  • Professional graphics

Register for MembershipPLUS and see all its benefits on the Training Magazine website.

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