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Make clear, compelling content that helps you succeed.

Communicate the right information in a way that will never be misunderstood or forgotten.

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What Our Clients Are Saying …

I’ve heard a lot of great things about the training and what’s more exciting is that people are looking for ways to incorporate what they learned into their work. Too often, employees go to training, think it was great, and never use it. That’s not the case this time.


The class put our business graphics into the various types, which cuts down the time selecting which method to use and is a great starting point. Also, the Billion Dollar Graphics book is a well thought out how to do book, that actually is usable. (I refer to it at least once a week.)

Lester Amen

Mike Parkinson’s … workshop is an indispensable tool … While his books teach you how to clearly express your ideas through graphics, the [training] provided you with the advantage of learning directly from an expert who is available to answer your questions.

Nathan Chiantella

In short, we started to be more proactive and not reactive to the working with consultants.

Leonard Marshall

I was tasked to conceptualize an important strategy element for the group and I was able to easily follow your methods step-by-step to develop a draft.

Christi Allen

I cannot begin to tell your how helpful this class was to me. … Real life scenarios [helped me] practice the concepts which helped me in retaining the information. Thank you so much.

Nicole Solomon,

The power in the process is that it eliminates rewrites, gets the message right, and validates your approach all at the same time. It really validates the whole proposal solution.

Bob Gillette

The class was totally awesome – we will be sending our entire proposal team to you over the course of the year. I was able to hit the ground running last night and today using the tools you showed in class. It was time well spent. I feel that I will be able to better help our writers and better communicate with our graphic department – which will save time and money at the same time producing a quality product for our proposals.

Jaime Chase

In the end … we had real and practical knowledge for developing graphics quickly and easily. We’ve had very positive reactions [and] I am anxious to [use the process in our next effort].

Randy Thomas

What I liked most was the quick easy tips that I have been able to apply right away to our work products.

Karen Winger

Was an incredible class! This class is one of the most powerfully packed, concise, creative conceptual graphics classes I’ve ever attended.

Barbara Best

For most companies, determining when and where to use graphics … is a constant challenge. Mike showed us that if you use the right tools and methodology, getting technical abstract thought on paper and transforming it into a visual that technical and/or managerial evaluators [and decision makers] understand does not have to be an overwhelming dilemma. Mike’s training session was an immediate hit. Some of the participants were so excited, that they started using the new methodology the very next day. I would highly recommend Mike for his ability to communicate with his audience–whether it be subject matter experts, graphic designers, proposal managers, or executives. With this new level of efficiency, we can now focus more of our time and effort on creating a winning solution.

Kathy Furlong
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