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Our team spent 2023 improving our new Build-a-Graphic add-in for you. Scroll down to see our favorite functionality features.*

Instantly View the Latest Graphics in Build-a-Graphic

New graphics listing in Build-a-Graphic

1) Open Build-a-Graphic from your Home Tab.

2) Select the NEW button shown in the image above.

3) The latest graphics will display within the task pane.

Suggest New Graphics for the Build-a-Graphic Library

Build-a-Graphic request a graphic button

Build-a-Graphic users get special access to our development team.

Here’s how to contact us:

1) Open Build-a-Graphic from your Home Tab.

2) Select the Request a graphic button shown in the image above.

3) Your browser will open our request a graphic webpage where you can submit your graphic ideas.

Better Keywords Narrow Your Search

Build-a-Graphic listing the amount of graphics in search

When you enter keywords into the Build-a-Graphic search box, the pane will display the amount of graphics with those keywords and how many are an exact match for your criteria. (See the text circled in the image above.)

Filter Your Search By Category—Graphic Elements or Pre-built Graphics

Graphic elements in Build-a-Graphic pane

Pre-Built graphics in Build-a-Graphic pane

It’s easier to find the graphic types you need. After entering a search term, you can filter by category. Select the filter symbol to the right of the search box.

If you want to build your own graphic, select Graphic Elements for pieces that you can assemble into a unique visual.

To save time, you can use our Pre-built Graphics and edit them to fit your colors, ideas, or theme.

All graphics in our library are 100% editable in PowerPoint.

Email [email protected] with any questions. We’re happy to help!

*These features are only available on the new Build-a-Graphic add-in downloaded from the Microsoft store.

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