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The Problem
You need a great presentation, proposal, marketing slick, or document but you have very little time or money. (Sound familiar?) You have a great solution but you need to turn it into a powerful graphic that quickly shows you have the best solution. You know graphics will help your document shine and up your chances of success (learn more). Unfortunately, the only graphics you have, if you have any at all, miss the mark. What do you do? Use Billion Dollar Graphics' solutions to solve your problem now.

Solution #1 - PowerPoint Graphics
Introducing Get My Graphic. Search and download from an amazing library of editable graphics. Lower your risk and cost, speed development, and increase the success of your presentations, proposals, sales materials, and much more with this one tool. (Visit Get My Graphic now.)

Solution #2 - Business Graphics Guide for Everyone
Do you want better business graphics fast? Get the new book Do-It-Yourself Billion Dollar Graphics: 3 Fast and Easy Steps to Turn Your Text and Ideas Into Graphics That Sell (includes a Virtual CD with templates and business graphics to get you or your team started). This powerful guide increases your sales, lowers your development cost, and helps you and your team go home earlier—imagine that! (Learn more.)

Don't miss out. Mike's first books sold out! Get the new book before it's gone. You may have luck purchasing the original books at and Barnes and Noble Online. Download the newest book review.

Solution #3 - Editable Business Graphics on DVD
Do you need high-end, editable, royalty-free graphics fast? Then get the Billion Dollar Graphics DVD Master Collection.

The Master Collection DVD contains professional, editable, royalty free graphics for your business or organization. These powerful visuals are made specifically to help you win and achieve your growth goals. Each graphic was created by professionals who know, from experience, what works and what does not. Leverage their 20+ years of experience creating business graphics that have won literally billions of dollars in increased revenue for other highly successful companies.

For PowerPoint graphics, sales and marketing graphics, proposal graphics, or information graphics, the DVD has what you need. Not only do these graphics increase your chances for success by up to 43% (according to independent research) but they also cost far, far less than you would pay to develop these visual solutions yourself. You save tens of thousands of dollars in development costs alone for the library of graphics contained on the Master Collection DVD. (Learn more.)

Solution #4 - PowerPoint Templates
PowerPoint Templates DVDMake an impression with new, high-end, unique PowerPoint templates. Your next presentation will leave a positive impact because you tailored your template to your audience and your subject matter. You get 125 (plus hundreds of color variations) unique, high-quality professional PowerPoint templates on the new Billion Dollar Graphics Spectacular PowerPoint Template DVD. (Learn more.)

Solution #5 - Graphics Training
Do you need your team on the same page when it comes to their business communications? Then get business graphics training. The solutions range from 1 hour seminars to full-day classes (learn more.). Choose what works best for you.

Solution #6 - Process Improvement
Billion Dollar Graphics can review and analyze your organization's current visual communication processes. From this analysis, we develop new practices, procedures, and systems that will significantly increase your visual communications department's efficiency and effectiveness while lowering your costs. Leverage the best practices of accomplished graphic professionals to improve your organization's success. (Learn more.)


New free library of business graphics now available!

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