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PowerPoint MVP and owner of, Geetesh Bajaj interviewed Mike Parkinson about our new Build-a-Graphic add-in. Below is a snippet from that interview. Go to to learn more. 


In this conversation, Mike talks about Build-a-Graphic, a PowerPoint add-in that adds coordinated, intelligent visuals to your slides.

Geetesh: Mike, can you tell us more about Build-a-Graphic, what need does this fulfill, and what motivated you to create this library of visual content for PowerPoint?

Mike: Imagine that you had a designer next to you every time you needed a graphic. That designer always had the perfect image ready for you. That is what Build-a-Graphic is.

Build-a-Graphic is a PowerPoint add-in that does three things:

  1. Turns text into professional graphics. The Build-a-Graphic library contains thousands of vector-based graphics that are editable and easy to animate, and their file sizes are small. Graphics can be imported into other software such as Microsoft Word and Adobe Illustrator …

Go to to read the interview and learn how Build-a-Graphic can help you communicate better with visuals.

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