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APMP BPC Title Slides

Mike Parkinson is delivering two sessions at the Association for Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) Bid & Proposal Con (BPC). Stop by one of his sessions in Orlando, Florida, or the 24 Hour Company booth to geek out with Mike about graphics.

Win Them All! 8 Master Techniques to Make Props for ALL Evaluators
May 22, 9:45 am EST
To win, you want to appeal to all decision makers, evaluators, and influencers. In bids and proposals that is difficult. Learn Mike’s eight techniques to quickly and clearly communicate with a mixed audience—at the same time. Discover how to make winning proposals for apathetic reviewers. Walk away with practical, real world techniques and tools to win your next bid. Don’t miss Mike’s high energy session with practical, proven, and innovative tips you can use immediately.

Agile Graphic Development
May 23, 9:45 am EST
Apply Agile methods to proposal graphic developement and improve speed and quality. Quickly and efficiently develop winning bid and proposal graphics. Learn the proven techniques and tools the pros use to do more with less. No design skill needed.

Mike looks forward to chatting with you about graphics at the APMP BPC in Orlando!

Want Mike to speak at your event? Email [email protected] for a list of workshops and to discuss custom training for your group.

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