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Mike Parkinson's Bulid-a-Graphic

Mike Parkinson’s Build-a-Graphic add-in has a new logo … and that’s not all!

Our PowerPoint add-in empowers you to visually tell your story and show your ideas. Now with our latest updates, we make it easier for you to create professional designs.

  • Improved keywording with more search terms
  • Updated UI buttons
  • Clearer download instructions for new graphics
  • 1,000s of editable graphics added to the installer
  • 100s of new graphics added to our user library
    • 279 isometric images
    • 182 road graphics and signs
    • 20 smartphone UIs
    • 18 DevSecOps graphics
    • And much more!

Check out Mike’s latest Build-a-Graphic video below. Get ideas for how you can use the graphics to design stunning presentations and other media.

Build-a-Graphic is only $99/year per user. So it’s a budget friendly solution to your graphic needs.

Learn more about Build-a-Graphic here.

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