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Some of the organizations that have benefited from the secrets in Billion Dollar Graphics...

Download the newest book review.

The following is a sampling of the client testimonials we have received for our books, training, and process improvement:

"... Mike's training session was an immediate hit. Some of the participants were so excited, that they started using the new methodology the very next day. I would highly recommend Mike for his ability to communicate with his audience—whether it be subject matter experts, graphic designers, proposal managers, or executives. With this new level of efficiency, we can now focus more of our time and effort on creating a winning solution."—Kathy Furlong, Nortel

"Wow! [the book] has totally revolutionised the way I approach graphics... Given the really tight deadlines we often have in the proposal world it was previously just a case of getting a graphic done at the end of the process... Now thanks to billion dollar graphics, I firstly think about what we are trying to achieve with creating this imagery? What will it mean to our customer? If we can't show benefits to them then why are we showing it at all? These are all really simple points and only a few of the things Mike says but they can make the difference between a graphic that's successful and one that's easily forgettable.

In the book Mike helps us tap into information we understand about dealing with people as people and helps us realise how we can use that in what we do. I found the learnings invaluable and the way it's written is interesting and engaging. The examples of imagery used paint a picture that's clear for all to see and helps the reader see clearly what they are trying to achieve. I was so impressed with the book that I ordered another 2 copies to sit in the other 2 locations of our proposal team. I know that the rest of the team are just as enthused by it as I am, and our graphics have been truly transformed. It just makes so much sense that we'll never create another graphic without following Mike's advice.

So what would I say if someone asked me about buying the book? I'd say 'BUY IT, don't think twice. It's such a valuable tool that you'll not regret it. In fact, you'll want your whole team to have access to it. This book has been a real turning point in the way we work."—Sheona Tait, Norwich Union Insurance Limited, UK

"Mike was well organized and prepared from the very first day. [His] teaching style was informative, interesting and engaging. He did a really good job of including everyone in the room. ... [H]e was able to teach a general, common sense approach to preparing ... graphics that can be applied to any line of business with repeatable success. Mike was very communicative throughout the project and kept me apprised of the current status and concerns as we moved along with the project. In the end, not only did we have a very well-defined process for developing and storing proposal graphics but we had real and practical knowledge for developing ... graphics quickly and easily. We've had very positive reactions from subject matter experts when reviewing our [new process Mike put in place] and draft graphics."—Randy Thomas, Staff Vice President, Wellpoint ,Inc.

"Struggling with turning that report into an interesting visual? .... If you're looking to invest in new ways to display data, Billion Dollar Graphics can help your presentation be picture-perfect."—

"I have several graphic reference books on the book shelf in my office, including Tufte's. Your books DON'T sit on my bookshelf, they are on the printer shelf next to my desk within easy reach. I've ... gotten some really great ideas from them. Even standard proposal related graphics like org charts can be made eye catching."—Jeanne Stuart, Proposal Analyst/Graphic Designer, DRC

"Because the content is so readily understandable, this book should be required reading for every member of [your] team. It provides the framework to help writers rise up out of the quagmire of pages of text and instead hit the customer right between the eyes with powerful, compelling graphics."—Jack Banks, Raytheon

"[The] books are terrific—clear text, great graphic examples, and helpful exercises."—Jayme A. Sokolow, President, The Development Source, Inc.

"Billion Dollar Business Graphics illustrates the path of the future, combining the visual with the verbal... It is this combination that paves the way to success in communicating your ideas."—Stacia Kelly, Sun Microsystems

"I've read thousands of dollars worth of books on how to develop graphics...this is far and away the best resource I've ever seen—full of step-by-step instructions and how-to tips that will immediately improve the quality of your work—whether this is your first graphics project or your thousandth."—Beth Wingate, Proposal Center Director

"Mike Parkinson's new books, Billion Dollar Graphics, provides busy business professionals with a practical and useful hands-on desktop guide to 'thinking graphically.' Among the considerable value-added elements of this work is the P.A.Q.S. Questionnaire, which can help anyone translate concepts and ideas into compelling, audience-centered graphic images that contribute to telling a fact-based story. Loaded with full-color designs and illustrations that bring the theoretical foundations of excellent presentation techniques to life, Billion Dollar Graphics is the resource to help convey your business messages to your customers in ways to which they will respond enthusiastically."—Robert S. Frey, Author of Successful Proposal Strategies for Small Businesses

"Billion Dollar Graphics is revolutionary! It is the only book of its kind. It quickly shows you how to turn your ideas into visuals and be more successful. You want everyone in your company to read this! It's the missing piece of your puzzle."
—Mo Fathelbab, President, Forum Resources Network

"I had been looking for a way to improve proposal artwork for years as well as a need for improvement in the overall look to get the message across to the customer. Finally, this book was written. Extensive step-by-step instructions and why it should be done this way is very helpful to the artist in the trenches. This book will become the Graphic Designer's Bible."—Michele Miller, Mgr., Proposal Production, Orbital Sciences Corporation

"Anyone interested in learning how to deliver powerful messages that get favorable results will benefit from reading this book."—M.J. Efflandt

"WOW - the books look fantastic! [The] writing is exceptional."—Bob Ulirich, Ulrich Digital

"Billion Dollar Graphics [training] provides readers with a solid discussion on the important role graphics play in a proposal and practical tips on how to construct effective, contract-winning graphics. The class was a real eye-opener."—Adam Bramm, Proposal Coordinator

"Mike Parkinson's Billion Dollar Business Graphics workshop is an indispensable tool for anyone in the proposal business. While his books teach you how to clearly express your ideas through graphics, the presentation provided you with the advantage of learning directly from an expert who is available to answer your questions."—Nathan Chiantella

"On behalf of the Board of Directors and members of the Nor'easter Chapter, we want to thank you for taking the time ... to present to us last week. Everyone I've spoken with raved about your presentation content and your presentation skills. I can't tell you what a boost this is going to mean to the chapter's efforts to grow membership and add relevant content to our meetings.—Mike McKenzie

"What a great performance last night! My first time seeing [Getting Graphics Right the First Time] and I was wowed."—Jay Schiavo, Marketing

"I have already used some of the ideas and graphics [from the DVD] in a couple of presentations I am doing for a current customer. You have a unique service [and] ...great customer support!"—Mike Kester, Program Manager, Lockheed Martin

"The best book on creating effective PowerPoint slides and business graphics that I have ever read. Do what Mike says, and your slides and business materials will have more impact than ever before." —Andy Bounds, author of the bestselling book, The Jelly Effect: How to make your communication stick

"Your presentation put a lot of ideas in my head and ... it was one of the more informative seminars that I attended during the conference. Thanks for including the Pictionary game as well. After 3 days of cramming information into my head, I really appreciated a little fun!"—Jaclyn Tallant, Executive Sales Assistant, MSC - Medical Services Company

" ...this is exactly what I was looking for. To the point with excellent graphics."—Jim Lopez, Freelance Graphics Consultant

"Mike is a genius graphic designer and owner of a top notch graphics design firm. He has written THE books on how businesses need to better represent their messages graphically – it's something every small to mid-market business owner needs to do better (including us!!)."
—Verne Harnish, Gazelles CEO and Founder Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO), author of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits

"... your website and books ... are really great! I use your books here at work when people don't have a clue what they need ... your books have given many a person some direction and given me ideas. They are a great resource!"—Toni Washington, General Dynamics


If you would like to share your experiences with Billion Dollar Graphics, please contact us.
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