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Proposal Graphics

The following are tools, solutions, tips, tricks, secrets, and best practices for proposal professionals. Be sure to share this page with your colleagues so they can benefit from them as well.

Proposal Web Resources

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Seven Rules for Creating Proposal Graphics
1. All graphics should play a specific role and have a reason for being chosen and incorporated.
2. Stay consistent.
3. Show or say it clearly. Don't be so innovative or clever that your message is unclear.
4. Keep it clean and simple.
5. Label elements directly to avoid confusion.
6. Use recognizable imagery.
7. Focus on your audience.

The Truth About Proposal Graphics
Your audience makes quick buying decisions based upon what draws and keeps their attention. Studies show that we often ignore formal decision-making models when deciding on a purchase because of time constraints, incomplete information, the inability to calculate consequences, and other variables. Intuitive judgment (judgment based on emotions) is employed for most decisions. Visuals in proposals and presentations can quickly affect us cognitively and emotionally. When used improperly, the consequences can be dire for your company. However, when graphics are consistent, clear, and compelling, you will leave a lasting, positive impression on your audience and evaluators.

Graphics make it much easier for your audience to understand and remember your solution. Professional, visually appealing graphics increase your likelihood of success by 43% (3M-sponsored study at the University of Minnesota School of Management).

That is not to say that quality visuals overshadow content, but rather both work synergistically to better affect the outcome. Well thought out content coupled with professional proposal graphics result in a clear, communicative, compelling proposal and presentation—a winning solution.

It is the same for commercial and government proposals. Why? Because we are hard wired to be influenced by what we see. As long as people are involved, graphics will influence the final decision.

Joan Miller (name changed), a proposal manager, taught a proposal writing course for over 10 years. The class began with students forming source selection teams to evaluate two proposals and choose a winner based on the established evaluation criteria. Proposal A was attractive, well written, and contained a large number of professionally rendered, visually appealing graphics, but the proposal was not compliant with the evaluation criteria put forth by the RFP. Proposal B was not well written and used a smaller number of dense, difficult-to-read graphics, but it was compliant. If the source selection teams had taken the extra time needed to understand Proposal B's graphics, they would have realized that the graphics suitably showed the system to be built. Not surprisingly, Miller often found that Proposal A (the easy-to-read, graphically appealing proposal) received the highest grades. When asked, the students said that they had been so caught up in the presentation that they had failed to realize the proposal was not compliant.

An Executive Director of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Secure Border Initiative (SBInet) Program Management Office (and part of the SBInet decision-making team) acknowledged that visuals help tell the presenter's story. In addition, he said that graphics give evaluators a break because, after reading several proposals, "200 pages of text begin to look like ants." In fact, he saves his favorite graphics and keeps them with him for reference—a testament to the fact that evaluators are influenced by graphics. (If you do government proposals look at this!)

Whether you are doing commercial or government proposals, graphics make a difference. Graphics help guarantee that your solutions are easy to understand and remember while significantly increasing your win rates.

Proposal Graphic Solutions
You need a winning proposal. Unfortunately, you have to make it happen with very little time, money, and resources. You know you need your proposal to look great, communicate your solution better than anyone else, and leave the best impression. You know you need high-quality, powerful graphics. What do you do? Great news, you have a choice:

1. Do-it-yourself winning proposal graphics guide
2. Ready-to-go proposal and business graphics on DVD
3. Proposal graphic how-to training
4. Fast Class seminars (1 hour quick classes)
5. Business and proposal graphic library

Proposal professionals use Billion Dollar Graphics solutions to help conceptualize bid-winning proposal graphics. Authors and subject matter experts use the easy-to-learn processes to turn their ideas and words into clear, communicative, compelling:

  • Written proposal graphics
  • Oral proposal graphics
  • Storyboard graphics
  • Executive Summary graphics
  • Technical graphics
  • Management graphics
  • Staffing graphics
  • Any visual solution needed

Don’t waste anymore of your energy, money, and time over explaining ideas and getting nowhere. Help your audience better absorb your solutions, concepts, data, processes, and ideas. Influence and motivate your audience to take action. Use these books and learn to quickly communicate your ideas effectively. (Learn more about the book.)

Kick start or add to your existing proposal graphics library. The Billion Dollar Graphics Master Collection DVD contains 111 editable graphics (Illustrator and Photoshop CS2 or better for Mac and PC).

All graphics are professionally conceptualized and rendered at print resolution. (Learn more about the DVD.)

Billion Dollar Graphics training/workshops will show you how to use visual communication to reach your goals. The training is applicable to anyone who needs to communicate information for a desired result. Whether you are a business developer, presenter, financial consultant, teacher, attorney, graphic designer, sales or marketing specialist, or in almost any other profession—visual communication training will help you and your organization succeed. (Learn more about the Training and Workshops.)

Custom Solutions for Proposal Professionals
Your challenges are unique. Perhaps your goal is to increase the quality of your visuals or analyze your existing process and develop a better system for generating clear, communicative, compelling graphics. Allow Billion Dollar Graphics to be of service. We are available for consultation. (Learn more about custom solutions.)

Proposal Design Services with 24 Hour Company
Billion Dollar Graphics and 24 Hour Company work together to provide:

  • Proposal graphic production (conceptualization and rendering)
  • Desktop publishing for proposals
  • Proposal editing

(Learn more about 24 Hour Company.)

Click on the solutions below to purchase...

BDG Master Collection ($549)
FREE book set + 111 ready-to-use, editable business graphics + 41 bonus graphics + FREE tools and resources on DVD.
Only $4.95 per graphic.

More Information
Is the BDG Master Collection for your company or organization? Choose the best option for you:
Single License = source art installed on one computer
Limited Site License = source art installed on up to 5 computers (per site)
Unlimited Site License = source art installed on unlimited computers (per site)

Click here to download a fax order form, if you have a PO# or prefer not to order online.


Other services are also available:

Conceptualization Training and Workshops

Conceptualization Online Training
(coming soon)

Custom Solutions for Proposal Professionals

Design Services
(through 24 Hour Company)

Fast Class Seminars
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