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"The best book on creating effective PowerPoint slides and business graphics that I have ever read. Do what Mike says, and your slides and business materials will have more impact than ever before." —Andy Bounds, author of the best selling book, The Jelly Effect: How to make your communication stick

business graphic booksBillion Dollar Business Graphics How-to Book
Turn your text and ideas into powerful graphics!

Now, in it's 2nd printing. Do-It-Yourself Billion Dollar Graphics is upgraded with new graphic examples, new graphic types, an improved P.A.Q.S. questionnaire, and an updated process guaranteed to increase your success rate.

Do you need better graphics for your business or organization but have little money or time? Then get Do-It-Yourself Billion Dollar Graphics: 3 Fast and Easy Steps to Turn Your Text and Ideas Into Persuasive Graphics (includes a Virtual CD with templates and graphics to get you and your team started). This easy-to-use guide shows you how to easily turn text and ideas into clear, compelling graphics that grow your business.

This book was made for busy business, technical, and design professionals like you. No design skill is needed to use these insider secrets to make winning graphics for presentations, proposals, sales and marketing documents, white papers, website, or other business materials that need to make a positive impression.

You have very little time to convince your audience (readers, evaluators, future clients) that you are the best-of-the-best. Graphics communicate volumes about you, your company, and your product or service in seconds. For example, which company is better: Company A or Company B?

If you say your company and solution are the best, then your business materials need to support that assertion. You have to quickly share your features, benefits, and discriminators while influencing or motivating your audience to buy.

Visuals are proven to succeed better than words alone. But how do you do it? How do you turn your words and ideas into a winning graphic? How do you make the right graphic for the right job?

The book shows you how and explains why graphics are so persuasive. It reveals the secrets of better communication and helps you increase your sales by 43%. Using the secrets contained in these pages, literally billions of dollars were made by professionals just like you. (See examples from the book.)

Instantly turn your text and ideas into winning graphics. It's easy. Clear, compelling visuals are proven to make you and your company more successful. Talking with pictures is one of the fastest ways to communicate with, influence, and motivate your audience. Don't lose sales and revenue to your competitors. Don't miss out on the growing shift to use better visual communication to make your business successful!

The new book includes a free Virtual CD with professional templates and editable graphics that help you start immediately. And because your CD is online new tools and business graphics are added over time and can be accessed anywhere at anytime.

Mike's last business graphics guides sold out. Get the new book (with over 400 real-world graphic samples) before its gone. For a limited time you can still get the original books from Amazon. (The first printing books will surely be valuable for you and your organization for many, many years to come.)

If you struggle making successful business graphics and you want your next PowerPoint presentation, proposal, sales and marketing document, or training seminar to be successful then you need the Do-It-Yourself Billion Dollar Graphics book to show you how to quickly turn your text and ideas into powerful, persuasive business graphics that are guaranteed to sell your products, services, and ideas better than ever before.

business graphic whiteboard

business graphicFind out how highly successful businesses turn their words and ideas into winning business graphics. Find out how to avoid the traps that cause most business communications to fail.

Have you seen great PowerPoint presentations, proposals, training materials, marketing and sales documents, websites, and business graphics? Find out how they did it.

In addition to the proven three-step process and Virtual CD there are almost 400 real-world business graphics (see some) to inspire the creativity that is waiting to get out. This guide was written by Mike Parkinson with 20+ years experience working with with large and small companies to achieve their goals using business graphics.

Do-It-Yourself Billion Dollar Graphics: 3 Fast and Easy Steps to Turn Your Text and Ideas Into Persuasive Graphics is the only tool available in the world that shows you how to conceptualize clear, communicative, compelling business graphics for your company or organization that are proven to increase your success rate.

With Billion Dollar Graphics you can make powerful business graphics of any type, including:

  • Information graphics
  • Marketing graphics
  • Presentation / PowerPoint graphics
  • Proposal graphics
  • Training graphics
  • Educational graphics

According to scientists, psychologists, journalists, teachers, attorneys, Nobel Prize winners, great thinkers, and researchers from around the world talking with pictures is one of the fastest ways to communicate with and motivate people. Why? Because people want to see it and understand it before they buy in or buy it. Pictures are more communicative and memorable and are digested 60,000 times faster than text. More importantly, pictures instantly evoke an emotional response, which is proven to significantly influence all decision making. Studies have shown that visuals increase your power to persuade by 43%. Graphics significantly increase your audience's ability to digest and retain your information and messages. In a world of fractured attention spans and unending distractions succinct, clear, compelling communication is critical.

  • Increase your success rate by 43% (based on independent research)
  • Make any complex idea easy to understand
  • Increase retention rates
  • Influence and motivate your audience
  • Turn ideas and text into graphics
  • Develop new solutions to your challenges

Don’t lose anymore to your competitors. Stop working too hard, losing money, and time. Stop losing contracts, getting "no" for an answer, and failing to hit your goals. Leave no doubt that you have the best solution. Get this book and make powerful graphics that grow your business. Increase your success rate, lower your cost, and get your business communications right the first time. Why are you waiting? Get the book now.

Get every member of your team a copy and watch your success sky rocket!

10-19 books = 10% off
20-39 books = 15% off
40-79 books = 25% off
80-149 books = 50% off!
150 or more books = Call
(Savings automatically calculated at checkout.)

Click on the solutions below to purchase...

BDG Master Collection ($549)
FREE Book + 111 ready-to-use, editable business graphics + 41 bonus graphics + FREE tools and resources on DVD.
Only $4.95 per graphic.

More Information
Is the BDG Master Collection for your company or organization? Choose the best option for you:
Single License = source art installed on one computer
Limited Site License = source art installed on up to 5 computers (per site)
Unlimited Site License = source art installed on unlimited computers (per site)

Click here to download a fax order form, if you have a PO# or prefer not to order online. Bulk purchase rates are available on the order form.
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